Tri-State HRMA and its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a bi-monthly DEI Lecture Series, intending to give insight and increased understanding surrounding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Ranging from topics on how to assess diversity in your workplace to in-depth conversations broadening the basis for thought and understanding.

The best part of this-the DEI Lecture Series are free-with the possibility of earning some SHRM or HRCI credits towards recertification!

You are cordially invited to save the date for the first four sessions now and are encouraged to invite others (no need to be a Tri-State HRMA member).


  • December 13, 2022 – DEI Leadership Competencies: The missing link to Operationalizing Inclusion


Most organizations are asking and answering the question of “What are we going to do about DEI?” Recent research shows that approximately 36% of US companies have begun executing some form of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Implementation, and that number is increasing every day. However, what many companies are finding is that just beyond the initial momentum of getting started by developing a strategy, erecting Councils and ERGs, and rolling out training the momentum stalls out, and the team approach fades into HR being solely responsible as opposed to a journey we are all on together. The question is why? In this presentation, we’ll explore the DEI implementation journey from “check the box” activities to company-wide trainings to “Operationalizing Inclusion” and make the case for the introduction of DEI Leadership Competencies. Research shows there’s a gap between what learners remember, and what they apply in the workplace post-training. The DEI Leadership Competencies offers best practices (guardrails) for how to supervise, manage and lead in a way consistent with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles and practices.


Approved for 1.00 SHRM PDC’s
Pending HRCI Credit Approval

For our first four sessions, we have partnered with Culture Shift Consulting Group, offering over 40 years of DEI, HR, Organizational Development, and Change Management expertise. Our Presenter will be Armers Moncure, a Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Strategist in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with a focus on Cultural IQ, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusive Leadership. Armers has led company-wide DE&I Installations, training rollouts, and large-scale culture change initiatives both nationally and internationally. His current thought contributions include exploring the relationship between Employee Engagement, Psychological Safety, and DE&I, as well as positioning that DEI Leadership Competencies are the Missing Link to Operationalizing Inclusion.

Lecture Series Details


When: Tuesdays – 6/14/22, 8/9/22, 10/11/22, 12/13/22
Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm ET
Cost: $0
Location: Virtual via Zoom



All attendees will receive a Zoom link to the Lecture each morning prior at approximately 9:00am ET. The link will be sent from Constant Contact to the email that you used to register.

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