The Four Stages Model in Career Management
(A Fresh Perspective)

Presented By: Garrett Grega


While simple in construct, the “Four Stages Model” provides a powerful tool in assessing not only your personal development but the development of your team.  The “Four Stages Model” is based on the research of Harvard Professors, Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson.  The model describes four different stages of career development:  Dependent Contributor, Independent Contributor, Coach / Mentor, and Visionary.  Each stage is independent of years of experience or status within a company.  Learn how to use these concepts to improve your own career progression and how to identify the gaps in your team’s training.

Garrett Grega is an Executive Business Coach and Trainer with vast experience in the field of process development, product marketing, project management, and strategy. He is a seasoned product marketer with more than two decades of experience in building teams and launching innovative products for various Fortune 500 companies.

As an Executive Coach, Grega aims to offer critical insight into every dimension of their client’s lives, equipping them to break down barriers, lead through example, and build a culture of innovation to improve the trajectory of their business. His objective is to empower people to overcome both common and complex business challenges.

Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Cost: $0
Location: Virtual via Zoom

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