Keynote Presentations

"Happiness at Work - The New Power Play for Success"

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE (1:15-2:30pm) – Salon 1 & 2
Shereen Thor

In “Happiness at Work – The New Power Play for Success,” we’re diving into the revolutionary concept that’s reshaping the business landscape. Get ready to laugh and learn as we explore the profound impact of how happiness in the workplace lends itself to overall success. HR professionals are notorious for putting their own needs on the back burner as they tend to the needs of others. In this keynote we will debunk the myth that happiness is second to productivity. Led by the latest research you will soon learn how happiness is a strategic move that elevates productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. Whether you’re a leader looking to reshape your team dynamics or an individual aiming for career fulfillment, this keynote equips you with the tools to make happiness a driving force in your professional journey.

Shereen Thor is a comedian turned coach who slays with hope and humor. She has shared the stage with greats like Serena Williams, Prince Harry, Pau Gasol, and Les Brown. She has spoken at PIHRA, TEDx, and facilitates SHRM’s Executive Network Assembly. She is also the bestselling author of Revolutionary Woman, which focuses on inspiring women and people of color to revolutionize how they see themselves to create a more equitable world. She has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Insider, Medium, Spike TV, 97.1 AMP Radio, and more. When she isn’t working, she is enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with her family, coaching or playing soccer, enjoying good food with friends, and leaving her cell phone in the dust for extended periods of time.

"Standing Tall Through It All"

CLOSING KEYNOTE (4:00-5:15pm) – Salon 1 & 2
Steve Bollar
Stand Tall Steve

Challenges can force you to step up your game or stop you in your tracks. Steve will show you how to overcome your organization’s challenges to become bigger, better, and more motivated than ever.

Steve Bollar, a.k.a. Stand Tall Steve, is an educational thought leader, former Superintendent of Schools, principal, author and a school culture and motivation expert.  He is known for his quick wit, creative thought, and humorous personality.  Steve has been identified as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus In Education. He is the author of the leadership book Stand Tall Leadership, school culture book Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! and is a contributing author in the book Because of a Teacher and School Climate 2.0: Preventing Cyberbullying One Classroom at a Time. Steve openly shares his knowledge, experiences and creativity with others. He currently speaks to students, staff and communities throughout the world about how to think differently about schools, education, and life.

Breakout Presentations

"Business Acumen 4 HR"

1st Session (8:45-9:45am) – Voorhees Room
Jim Caruso
Global Talent Development Simulation Solutions LLC (co-presenting with Rohit Shyam)

People + Business Acumen = Enhanced Results. HR professionals have surely mastered their people skills, but are most likely less developed in their financial and strategic skills. Both are needed to achieve stellar balanced scorecard results. Therefore, to maximize performance, HR professionals must develop a holistic mindset of how the total enterprise balances short- and long-term organizational and functional tradeoffs in creating value for competing stakeholder interests. This will enable HR professionals to improve their judgment and critical thinking skills to successfully implement HR initiatives that solve business challenges and not just HR problems.

Jim Caruso, MBA, CPA, MSHRD, CPTD, is an experienced global talent development, business simulation, and executive education leader who enjoys using his versatile skill set in the corporate, consulting, and higher education worlds. He has designed, facilitated, managed, and customized over 350 business acumen and leadership programs using business simulations. He has positively impacted over 10,000 individuals from over 100 organizations including 50 Fortune 500 and Global Fortune 500 companies, across all industries, functions, and talent levels in 5 continents. Rohit Shyam is an expert facilitator and coach who delights in helping his audience connect the dots so they can embark on a true transformation. Rohit’s years of experience as a facilitator, learning experience designer, team leader, and account manager for global Fortune 500 companies have made him particularly adept in learning experiences about strategy, business, and financial acumen. He has facilitated live in person sessions across a wide variety of industries in 24 countries. Rohit holds an MBA from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from University of Maryland.

"The Future of Human Resources and Analytics"

1st Session (8:45-9:45am) – Medford Room
Cody MartinJohnson and Johnson, Lead for Talent Intelligence

Innovation in Human Resources and Analytics are evolving rapidly but not always at the same pace. At times it feels hard to find how trends in each discipline compliment each other, drive innovation, optimize the employee experience and achieve the goals of the organization. This breakout session will provide an interactive opportunity to discuss current and future trends in HR and Analytics, find the connection points and translate that experience into a frame work that can be taken back and utilized in the organizations of the participants.

Cody Martin, Global HR Leader, Adjunct Professor and Coach with 20 years of experience partnering with business leaders, designing talent solutions and leading people analytics and compensation initiatives. Cody started as a Global HR Consultant to the US Military, Government Agencies and the Intelligence Community. From there, Cody built a broad HR career at Bristol Myers Squib in Talent Management, Business Unit HR and Total Rewards; both in the US and Australia. Cody then joined Johnson and Johnson and focused on building his expertise in advanced analytics for HR. Today, Cody serves at the Lead for Talent Intelligence in JNJ’s Talent Acquisition Organization.

"The Greatest Business Wealth is your Employee Health"

1st Session (8:45-9:45am) – Marlton Room
Beryl KrinskyB Komplete

Imagine this: Your workforce is motivated, productive, and happy; your workplace has a positive culture, a climate of well-being, and outstanding teamwork; your recruitment program is impressive; your retention numbers are outstanding; your business enjoys continued growth and success. If this sounds like a dream – adopting the Pillars of Wellness is your solution. There is more wellness information available to the public than ever before, yet we have higher rates of obesity, heart disease and declining mental health. B.Komplete is passionate about making a difference and improving the health of the populations we serve. In this highly interactive and client-centered program we work hard to fully engage and entertain the attendees. We take wellness seriously, and our clients appreciate the improved health, happiness, and productivity of their employees.

Beryl Krinsky is a successful Entrepreneur, who is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Food Science and a Master of Business Administration in Food Marketing. Beryl had over 10 years of corporate experience with nutrition and food companies prior to launching her first business, B.Komplete. B.Komplete is a Corporate Wellness Firm that offers a variety of onsite and virtual services for corporations, to enable individuals and corporations to better manage health conditions and to achieve optimal wellness. Beryl is proud to employ an experienced and dedicated team of wellness professionals, including Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Chair Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Acupuncturists, who represent the B.Komplete brand and bring our services to life. With her passion for education and wellness longevity, Beryl launched a second business, The Komplete Business Dietetic Internship (KBDI). This program trains our future Registered Dietitian Nutritionists how to help the greatest number of consumers, world-wide.

"Aliens Among Us, Ten Surprising Truths About Gen Z"

1st Session (8:45-9:45am) – Moorestown Room
Steven RobertsonAuthor of Aliens Among Us, Ten Surprising Truths about Gen Z

In an era where a staggering 52% of the global population is under the age of 30, understanding and harnessing the potential of Gen Z is crucial not only for their successful integration but for the holistic growth of organizations. Steven Robertson, with over 25 years of expertise, delves deep into the essence of Gen Z, revealing insights that have a ripple effect across the entirety of an organization. His unparalleled knowledge stems from an impressive 15-year tenure leading a global enterprise, engaging with hundreds of thousands of students from diverse backgrounds and meticulously training tens of thousands of staff.

Steven Robertson is the acclaimed author of “Aliens Among Us: 10 Surprising Truths about Gen Z” a work which has garnered international recognition in over 25 countries. As founder of BOLD-Training, Steven stands out as an authoritative figure in the generational discourse, particularly in the context of Gen Z and Millennials. Steven’s influential work has been featured in over 50 renowned publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Huffington Post, CEO World, Mogul, Glassdoor, Barna Insights, and Harvard Business Review. Steve operated as a C-Level Executive and CEO for 15 years for a well-established internationally recognized organization that offers programs and experiences to youth and young adults from around the globe. Partner organizations included the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Villanova University, the NFL, 76ers Basketball, Brooklyn Nets, and Phillies Baseball.

"A Winning Human Resource Mindset for Managing Today's Workforce"

2nd Session (10:15-11:15am) – Voorhees Room
Alan DeanDean Consulting (co-presenting with Bethann DuBois)

At any given moment, 10.7% of US workforce is out of work on FMLA. Since it was enacted in 1993 FMLA has been used over 100 million times. Complicating it further are the various NJ leave laws, i.e. NJ Family Leave Act, the NJ Safe Act, the NJ Earned Sick Leave Law and the NJ Family Leave Insurance — a tangled web of leave issue nightmares. In addition, employers must also consider the impact of Worker’s Compensation, Temporary Disability Benefits and related benefit issues. Join us to gain a practical understanding enabling you to safely navigate this legal minefield.

Mr. Dean most recently served as Vice President, Human Resources with Comar Holding Company, LLC. His career spans 20 plus years as an entrepreneur, general business and human resources professional working across various industries. Prior to joining Comar, Alan served as the head of human resources for a $300 million direct marketing company and a $2.4 billion national retail company. Alan earned a BA from the University of Arkansas and an MBA from Rutgers. In addition, Alan holds various Human Resource Management designation including CEBS (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist); SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and; SHRM-SCP (Society of Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional). 

Bethann DuBois is the Payroll and Shared Services Manager for Nipro PharmaPackaging Americas. In this role, Bethann leads a team that provides all aspects of payroll administration and human resources compliance, including weekly and biweekly payroll, Onboarding, FMLA and other leaves of absence, and Unemployment. Her career spans 19 years in Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll Management. Bethann also holds the following professional designations: SHRM-SCP (Society of Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional), (SPHR (HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources) and CLMS (Certified Leave Management Specialist).

"Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Modern Workplace"

2nd Session (10:15-11:15am) – Medford Room
Bethany Adams, Villanova University

From remote work to endless meetings, to cross-functional team communication, to uncertain economic times, our modern workplace is filled with emotional landmines. The “check your emotions at the door” mentality is no longer accepted. To navigate and lead organizations today, every one of us needs to be equipped with emotional intelligence skills to build effective relationships and work through challenges. In this session you will learn about three key emotional intelligence skills – emotional literacy, emotional agility, and emotional courage – and walk away with actionable insights to develop these skills in yourself and the teams you support!

Bethany Adams has more than 15 years of experience in HR and education. She began her career working in learning & development and human resources in the restaurant and retail industries. She has experience in both small, privately-owned businesses and large, Fortune 500 organizations. Bethany holds a BA in Psychology, MA in Organizational Management, the SHRM-SCP certification, and is a Certified Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She currently teaches at Villanova University in the Graduate Programs in HR Development. Bethany has spoken at a variety of conferences throughout the country and leads corporate training on topics including emotional intelligence, DEI, and strategic HR. Bethany hosts an HR podcast called HR Tea.

"The Power of Relationships and Collaboration"

2nd Session (10:15-11:15am) – Marlton Room
Tommy HilckenTommy Hilcken Productions

Are you ready to change how you work with others and supercharge your team’s success? Join us for an immersive workshop that will transform your approach to collaboration and elevate your team dynamics to new heights!

Building Relationships for Team Success: Success is rarely achieved alone. Building solid relationships is the cornerstone of effective teamwork. This workshop will provide practical insights and strategies to cultivate meaningful connections, fostering an environment where collaboration flourishes.

Gaining Cooperation through Emotional Intelligence: Discover the secret to achieving genuine cooperation within your team—emotional intelligence. Understand the emotional needs of your team members and learn how to navigate challenges with empathy and grace. Honing your emotional intelligence will create a harmonious atmosphere that encourages open communication and seamless collaboration.

Doing and Getting Done—Through People: Everything we aspire to accomplish, from ambitious projects to personal goals, involves working with others. This workshop emphasizes the profound truth that success is a collective effort. Learn to leverage the diverse strengths of your team and harness the power of collaboration to achieve remarkable results.

Tommy Hilcken is a master of magical motivation. He combines magic and humor to craft messages that motivate and entertain his audiences at business, community, and private events. As an event speaker, business trainer, or corporate entertainer, Tommy brings the magic of motivation that resonates with audiences now and in the future. Tommy’s primary purpose is to help people believe in their unlimited potential, define their goals and take the steps that will bring them there.

He combines his love of people with a natural talent for humor to help people learn and grow. He’s worked with individuals from every walk of life, including celebrities and professional athletes, and has been featured at more than 7,000 engagements.

Tommy is a Toastmasters Humorous Speech Champion, a member and Past President of the NJ Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a Certified Life Success Consultant.

"Love, Loyalty, and the Language of Leaders in the Time of Chaos and Change!"

2nd Session (10:15-11:15am) – Moorestown Room
Christopher RidenhourInspired2Results!

Calling all role models, mentors, and coaches! Mastering our words and emotions means never having to hope or wish for a dynamic, cooperative, and inclusive team culture. Consider this an invitation to step outside of yourself and examine how your attitudes, fars, and emotional blind spots impact everyone and every aspect of your organizational culture. The thoughtful, honest, and adventurous will get answers to the following questions:

•  What specific words inspire hope and harmony during crisis and stabilizes frayed and exhausted colleagues?

•  How can we demonstrate support and understanding for others when we may not feel as supported or understood ourselves?

•  How can we influence our colleagues to communicate with one another from a place of encouragement and uplift?

As leaders, are we even courageous enough to consider how our verbal and non-verbal communication determines elevated retention, contagious morale, and uncommon team performance? Welcome to a provocative, fully-interactive session that brings to life aspects of Emotional Intelligence toward measurable and observable organizational outcomes.

Christopher Ridenhour served as Chief Learning Officer or the last two decades to two large multi-site Health Care corporations. His responsibilities included “actionizing” the Mission, Vision, and Values into daily commitments from personnel across all levels of the organization. He also directed system-wide Onboarding, DEI, Leadership Development, and Engagement strategies, resulting in above-industry increases in retention.  

Over the same time, Christopher’s passion and enthusiasm led to innumerable opportunities to travel nationally as a perennial Conference Keynote and Performance Improvement Consultant. Audiences spanning The Pioneer Network, LeadingAge(all state affiliates), Argentum, AHCA/NCAL, NADONA, ANFP, AHE, among many others, have profoundly benefitted from the tools, techniques, and belly laughs that are hallmarks of his high energy trainings. 

As recognition for the years of service to hundreds of communities across the country, LeadingAge awarded Christopher “Facilitator of the Year.” Christopher asks us to imagine the inevitable positive outcomes for our clients when EVERY colleague, across all levels, and walks-of-life, feels cherished and fired up to serve!

Christopher has a BA degree in English/Literature from Franklin and Marshall College.

"Succession Planning: Safeguarding the Future"

3rd Session (3:00-4:00pm) – Voorhees Room
Karen DeLiseCCI Consulting

While it might seem like a concern primarily for larger corporations, the lack of a robust Succession Plan can be an existential threat for businesses of all sizes. Think of it as your strategic playbook, ensuring that your company’s legacy is not just a flash in the pan but an ongoing success story. Minimize risk in your small to midsize organization by implementing a proactive succession planning strategy, maintaining stability and sustaining growth through planned and unplanned leadership transitions.

Karen DeLise is an innovative talent development and human resources leader, with over 20 years of experience in a broad range of industries including Technology, Energy and Manufacturing. Known as an innovator who is passionate about developing people at all stages of their career, Karen possesses deep and varied expertise in leadership development, succession planning, change management, and employee engagement.

As Vice President of Consulting at CCI Consulting, she has led the Executive Coaching program at CCI; consults with clients on succession strategies and oversees the Career Transition Practice. She is responsible for operational excellence, ensuring the delivery of world-class services & solutions to CCI’s clients. Karen is committed to helping those in career transition find their passion, equip them for a successful search, and to find the next opportunity. She has served as an active volunteer & transition coach in a regional non-profit jobseeker’s support organization for the past decade.

Karen holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University, which she pursued after relocating to Pennsylvania from Northern California. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University. In addition to his corporate experience, Karen is a long-time member of several professional Society for Human Resources Management associations and the Philadelphia Society for People and Strategy; where she has served on programming and membership committees, as well as co-author and white paper editor for a PSPS sponsored initiative to identify emerging trends in Human Capital Management.

She maintains several professional certifications including SHRM-CP, HRCI-PHR, Prosci Change Management Practitioner. In addition, she is certified to interpret and deliver Hogan Assessments, The Birkman Method Assessments and Korn Ferry Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate.

"Influential Leadership"

3rd Session (3:00-4:00pm) – Medford Room
Kim KerriganPinnacle People & Leadership Solutions, LLC

Only one thing stands between you and success.  It isn’t experience.  It isn’t talent. Each of us can be looked upon as a leader in some type of a capacity. Each of us could be a manager or supervisor, a teacher, a coach, or even a parent. Each of these roles has an impact on others. Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts. World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell says if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. And while it may seem like some folks are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection. In Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Maxwell shares the Five Principles and Five Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting. The ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. It’s no secret! Connecting is a skill you can learn!

Kim Kerrigan is an unshakeable optimist, and her passion is adding value to others. She believes together we can achieve the Pinnacle of success, no matter what size or type of organization. Kim delivers fun, engaging, and impactful talks with her down to earth sense of humor that ensures attendees are learning while laughing! Described as “caring and inspirational coach/leader with a rare ability to connect with differing personality styles.” Kim has devoted her life to help advance a vision of the world where leaders and teams work together to achieve a common goal while adding value to each other. Kim is an extremely capable leadership professional with over 20 years of HR management in public and private sectors. Kim has an ardent desire to help leaders, aspiring leaders and HR professionals attain the skills necessary to be successful and organizations reach their goals. Kim has trained, coached, and mentored thousands over the years and understands the value of personal development in becoming an effective leader. As a servant leader and advocate for continuing education, she has served on multiple boards of HR and Management non-profit organizations. Kim is the Founder & CEO of Pinnacle People & Leadership Solutions, holds an MBA-Leadership from Post University. Kim is also a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Executive Program Leader specializing in Leadership Development, Keynote Speaking, Coaching, and DISC Consulting.

"Cultivating Transformational Curiosity"

3rd Session (3:00-4:00pm) – Marlton Room
Shana FrancescaConcinnate LLC

This workshop focuses on guiding the participants into looking at life through the lens of what if. What if – shifts our lives from seemingly unbreakable patterns to finding joy in infinite possibility. Curiosity is the foundation of all possibility – personal and professional, it is a critical tool for experiencing profound joy and success.

Shana Francesca is a keynote speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and scholar of intentional and ethical leadership and living. She believes we become infinitely more impactful as leaders when we understand the power of community and our role inside of it.

Knowing that a corporation is a type of community, and that community is an ecosystem where it is vital that every part and person is honored and empowered.

Shana has been interviewed on more than 100 podcasts many in the top 1% of podcast worldwide. I have been published in Medium, Authority Magazine, Shoutout LA, emotional intelligence + magazine and Emerge Magazine and worked with a variety of clients along the eastern seaboard.

"Addressing Anti-Semitism"

3rd Session (3:00-4:00pm) – Moorestown Room
Eric MeyerFisherBroyles, LLP

Antisemitism has spiked since the horrific October events and is continuing to grow in the United States and around the world. Workplaces must be proactive about addressing it, including understanding how to balance proactivity with concerns about being perceived as too pro-Israel, mixing work with politics/religion, or alienating certain protected classes. Learn steps employers can take to address antisemitism proactively and what employees expect from their organizations.

Eric Meyer – If you want a nerdy employment-lawyer brain to help you solve HR- compliance issues proactively before the action sequence, Eric is here to help.

After the Federal Trade Commission’s proposal earlier this year to eradicate most noncompetition agreements, the National Labor Relations Board has doubled down on efforts to eliminate these restrictive covenants. For years, Eric has counseled clients on using compliant noncompetition agreements and other effective complements and alternatives, such as non-solicitation agreements and nondisclosure agreements, to protect trade secrets and other confidential information. 

On other human resources compliance matters, Eric offers day-to-day employment counseling, workplace/wage-and-hour audits and investigations, and other prophylactic measures to keep your workplace working while you focus on running your business.

Eric has testified before Philadelphia City Council and the Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee to address harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace. Eric is also a frequent presenter on the local and national HR circuit, including the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. Eric’s multi-faceted practice involves helping parties get to “yes” through alternative dispute resolution.

Eric helps corporations and C-Suite Executives with mergers, acquisitions, onboarding, and offboarding. In 2021, he was the employment partner on a global multi-practice team that facilitated the $250 Million sale of PFSweb’s LiveArea business to Merkle.

Eric also applies his M&A know-how to negotiate sophisticated employment agreements for senior leaders. Eric is a trial-tested, experienced litigator representing companies of all sizes in a veritable alphabet soup of employment law claims, such as the ADA, ADEA, CEPA, FMLA, FLSA, NJLAD, PHRA, Title VII, and USERRA.