Thank you for your interest in speaking at our Annual Conference on Thursday, May 2nd 2024!

Speaker Application has now closed.

Become a Breakout Speaker

At the Annual Conference, our goal is to offer practical, relevant, and timely topics to our audience. This conference will offer twelve (12) breakout sessions over three (3) time slots. The length of each session is one hour (60 minutes). Your proposal will be considered for one of these sessions.



Proposals will be evaluated by the Committee. Factors will include (but are not limited to):

  • Does the proposal address our theme and objectives?
  • Does the proposal meet the above requirements?
  • Does it sound fun?
  • Does the description answer the question “why is it worthwhile to attend?”
  • Are there practical skills that participants will gain?
  • Will participants want to attend?

To be considered as a presenter, please provide the following:

  • Header including the title of presentation, name of presenter, topic of presentation and contact information
  • A list of dates and locations where you delivered this specific presentation previously
  • Content Level (1 being Tactical, 10 being Strategic/Business)
  • At least three learning objectives of presentation
  • What methods will you use to make your point(s) (i.e. lecture, video, group discussion, other participation)?
  • A brief and personal biography and 3 business references (name and phone number) who have heard you speak
  • A brief description of your presentation (one topic per page in a Word document) and why it is worthwhile to attend your session