In observance of LGBTQ History Month, the DEI committee would like to highlight one important historical observance – National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2022.  Since 1988, this day was designated to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ+ community for self-identifying by “coming out” to their families, friends, communities, and society.  This day is celebrated in support of diversity and equality.  Coming Out Day was founded by psychologist, Richard Eichberg and, gay right’s activist, Jean O’Leary in 1988.  Its national observance was marked by anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights which occurred in 1987.  The DEI committee of TriState HRMA encourages you to learn more about this historical event (NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY – October 11, 2022 – National Today) as a way to raise your own awareness.


Also during the month of October, multiple ethnicities are celebrated and recognized for their contributions to history, culture, and society. These cultures comprise of persons from the Filipino-American; German-American; Italian-American; and Polish-American heritages. Take time to learn more about these cultures through various activities and events as a way to enrich and expand your exposure to something new.




There are other month long observances in October, such as: Breast Cancer Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Family History.  We hope you find this informative and we challenge you to take one of these events/celebrations to use as a catalyst to introduce a new initiative or educational tool as way to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the workplace.  It could be as simple as ordering in lunch from a different culture for your staff or team OR creating a health and wellness initiative to focus on breast self-examinations and offer an onsite mobile mammogram screening. Feel free to reach out to the DEI committee for other ways of support and resources for your DEI initiatives by visiting Tri-State HRMA ( or follow us on our social media platforms on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

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