Did you know that August is National Black Business Month? It started back in 2004 when Fredrick Jordan a Black engineer entrepreneur partnered with the president and executive editor of a scholarly publishing company called eAccess to start an annual event to recognize Black owned businesses and the challenges that minority owned businesses face when it comes to access to capital.


Why is Black Business Month Important?

1. It champions equity: It ensures that Black owned businesses get the recognition that they deserve especially if they are struggling to stay afloat and it helps to empower and inspire other people to consider starting their own business.

2. It supports under represented businesses– Oftentimes Black owned businesses lack the resources, capital, connections, education etc and are the hardest hit in down economic times due to systemic racism. It is important to support under represented businesses.

3. Inclusion & Diversity: It’s important to note that supporting Black-owned businesses should not be a one-time gesture but rather an ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and equality in the business world. By consciously choosing to support these businesses, we can all contribute to a more inclusive and just society.


How to observe Black Business Month

1. Support Business: Here are some resources:

○ Official Black Wall Street (officialblackwallstreet.com)

○ Black Owned Biz (blackownedbiz.com)

○ WeBuyBlack  (webuyblack.com)

○ Support Black Owned (supportblackowned.com)

○      Read about Black Entrepreneurs

○ Support Black Food Fridays:  Dine at a Black Owned Restaurant.


August also celebrates and raises awareness of the following as well:

  • World Lung Cancer Day – August 1
  • Esther Day – August 3
  • World Elephant Day –  August 12
  • National Nonprofit Day – August 17
  • Remember Slavery Day – August 23
  • Women’s Equality Day – August 26
  • Anniversary of the March on Washington – August 28
  • National Grief Awareness Day – August 30


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